Loss Damage Coverage (LDC)

2. Loss Damaqe Coverage

  1. Loss Damage Coverage is ONLY valid if account is current at the time of the occurrence.
  2. Loss Damage Coverage does not cover mysterious disappearances from the school band/orchestra room, lockers, or by any circumstances in which breaking and entering is not a FACTOR.
  3. All service repairs must be performed by The Chicago Store’s repair technicians.
  4. If instrument can not be repaired in a timely fashion, The Chicago Store will exchange the instrument for one of equal quality, providing rental payments are current.
  5. In case of loss or theft,renter must report the incident within 72 hours to law enforcement. A copy of the police report must be provided to The Chicago Store by the renter. The police report must include the following:
    1. Instrument type
    2. Instrument brand
    3. Instrument serial number
    4. The Chicago Store listed as owner of instrument
  6. The Chicago Store will issue a replacement instrument with one of equal value after copy of police report is received.
  7. Intentional damage or abuse is not covered under the Loss Damage Coverage agreement. Any noticeable damage will be evaluated by The Chicago Store’s repair technician to determine whether intentional damage occurred. If the instrument after being evaluated is determined to have been intentionally damaged, the renter will be responsible for repair charges and depreciation of that instrument.
  8. Loss Damage Coverage does not cover or include accessories such as: Violin/Viola strings, Rosin, Reeds, etc…
  9. If Loss Damage Coverage is declined, the customer accepts responsibility for and repair cost which may include depreciation value of the instrument based upon the damage incurred or the replacement value of the instrument as stated on the front of this agreement regardless of intentional or unintentional loss, damage or theft of the instrument.