Conn 66H Trombone

We’ve got a Conn 66H trombone for you, and we couldn’t be happier.

The Conn 66H and the Conn 66HSP is an exclusive product for the Independent Music Merchants Group, a nationwide collection of music companies dedicated to the advancement and service of Music Education.

The Conn trombone has a rich history beginning in 1875 with Colonel Charles Gerard Conn who founded the band instrument manufacturing company in Elkhart, Indiana. Conn quickly became known for innovative brass designs which made the company the largest producer of trombones in the United States and was known as “America’s trombone house.”

The Conn 66H was first introduced in 1920 with a large bore and a valve attachment. The current Conn 66H and 66HSP trombones are all American made proudly produced in Eastlake, Ohio.

Conn trombones are available from beginning student tenor models to professional trigger models, which are one of the most widely used professional symphonic trombones in the world. One of the absolute best step up trombones on the market today, the 66H/SP is a .547″ bore symphonic trombone with F Attachment. The Conn 66H has an 8-5/8” seamless, beautifully engraved rose brass bell resulting in a warm, colorful sound.

The F section is a traditional wrap that offers stability and durability. The chrome plated nickel silver inner handslide tubes provide the ideal surface for smooth and quick action. Parts are readily available and are kept in stock. Both models come with a USA made Bach 6 1/2 AL Gold Rim mouthpiece and a deluxe protective hard case.

The Conn 66HSP is a double silver-plated model, the silver plating is done at the factory in Eastlake. It makes a great marching horn or symphonic horn, the great American sound, and the bright silver plate looks great on the field.

It is great to support a quality, legendary American brand that is still produced in the United States!

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