Sergio Mendoza from Y La Orkesta stopped by today for some guitar repairs. He is a rare sighting as he is usually on tour! #playmusic

Best of Tucson!


The readers of Tucson Weekly have once again crowned your Chicago Music Store as the Best Musical Instrument Store in Tucson! We also won the new category Best Music School! Here’s an excerpt about that from the website:

“Chicago Store isn’t just the spot to get your instruments–it’s also the spot to learn how to play them. You can learn how to play guitar, bass, violin, piano, brass and woodwinds. Best of all, most of the teachers give the first two lessons for free so you can get a sense of whether an instrument is really calling to you. And if it is, we know a great place to buy one as well.”

Thank you to everyone who participated and we can’t wait to win your vote for 2018!

Chicago Music Store Welcomes Scott Anderson

Rental season is winding down and we want to thank all the teachers, students, and parents who allowed us to provide a fine quality instrument on our rent to own program.

Our newest staff member, Scott Anderson is going to be visiting schools to offer any assistance needed and to showcase some of our step up instruments and give students to try these horns right in the bandroom.

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