Conn Trumpet and Trombone Blowout!

Conn brass instruments are legendary, and we’re offering two excellent step-up student models at 20% off our already low prices!

The Conn trumpet has a rich history beginning with Colonel Charles Gerard Conn in 1875 who built the first American made cornet in Elkhart, Indiana. The current Conn 23B trumpet is all American made, proudly produced in Eastlake, Ohio. One of the absolute best student trumpets on the market in the world today, the 23B/SP has a unique .459″/.462″ dual bore main tuning slide with a responsive 4-7/8″ seamless bell and a rose brass leadpipe.

Conn quickly became known for innovative brass designs which made the company the largest producer of trombones in the United States and was known as “America’s trombone house.” The current Conn 23H trombone is all American made; proudly produced in Eastlake, Ohio. Conn trombones are available from beginning student tenor models to professional trigger models. One of the absolute best student trombones on the market today, the 23H/SP has a .500″ bore with a responsive 8″ seamless bell.

And they’re 20% off, while supplies last!

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